About us

About us

History and goals of the company Billiform Mercury Group

Our company began the way in far 2006 and specialized in local distribution of goods by retail and small wholesale parties. Aiming solely at the result, every month we increased production volumes and the number of partners. After 2010 we went only up, beginning to work gradually with wholesale parties, and also large wholesale parties, in particular for export to the CIS countries.

By 2014, the number of products supplied to foreign countries also began to grow and gradually we got customers around the world. Today - we do not just produce, we control every stage of production, which virtually eliminates unforeseen situations at any stage.

Our plans are to expand exports to Europe and prove that Russian quality has no equal!

Development strategy Billiform Mercury Group

Strong partnerships and well-developed infrastructure of our production allow us to look far ahead. We make plans, grow and are optimistic, being confident in ourselves and our partners.

For a long time, we have worked to be able to ensure timely delivery of goods in the required volumes without delays and delays right to the destination ports of our customers around the world. Many years of work were not in vain and today we are proud of what we have built, what we have achieved and where we are going!

Advantages of working with us
Наша продукция не содержит ГМО
Наша продукция не содержит ГМО - гарантия 100%
Мы имеем надежных партнеров
Мы имеем надежных партнеров в логистике, портовые терминалы, владельцев флота, железнодорожных перевозчиков.
Нам важно качество
Нам важно качество продукции, мы проверяем каждую партию перед отправкой
Мы инвестируем
Мы инвестируем в урожай заранее весной поэтому можем продавать клиентам дешевле на 10%
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