Sugar beet pulp pellets

Sugar beet pulp pellets

One of our main export listing and production products is sugar beet pulp pellets, we also provide offers on deliveries in bulk and retail, and all clearance and paperwork related to export. We offer high quality products, exceptional grade granulated beet pulp which is produced with strictest standards in the industry, also known as GOST.
The goods produced by us, are of high quality, to ensure it, the production site is equipped by own laboratory that permanently checks the quality of the finished products. Own production and testing unit, allows you to keep prices low, sign and support contracts for the long term without the risk of supplies disruption.

Quality granulated beet pulp

Our products are high in vitamins and minerals:

Moisture max 13%
Sugar Mach 9%
Protein 7-9%
Ash about 6%
Fiber about 18%

It also contains calcium, phosphorus, b1 vitamin, biotin, pantothenic acid, b2 vitamin, niacin, and pyridoxine.
You may buy granulated beet pulp or negotiate direct deliveries by ordering a callback on our website or leaving a request with a return email address.
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We invest
We invest in the harvest in advance in the spring so we can sell to customers cheaper by 10%
Quality is important to us
We value the quality of products, we check every batch before shipping
We have reliable partners
We have reliable partners in logistics, port terminals, fleet owners, railway carriers.
Our products are non-GMO
Our products do not contain GMO, guarantee 100%
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