Feed wheat is a nutritious and valuable product for feeding poultry and livestock. Grain feed wheat contains a lot of saturated carbohydrates, and quite a bit of fiber, fat and protein.

Wheat feed for livestock farms

Many livestock farms, farms and production prefer feed wheat grain due to the following advantages:

• Suitable for mixed feed

• Good cost when compared with many other cereals

• Promotes rapid muscle building

• Suitable for normal growth and development of the animal.

• Optimal for fat feeding.

In order to ensure high-quality and uninterrupted supply of feed wheat at a good price, our staff is staffed with highly qualified specialists. Our feed wheat grain has good parameters, and it does not contain impurities and GMOs and is sold at competitive prices.
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We invest
We invest in the harvest in advance in the spring so we can sell to customers cheaper by 10%
Quality is important to us
We value the quality of products, we check every batch before shipping
We have reliable partners
We have reliable partners in logistics, port terminals, fleet owners, railway carriers.
Our products are non-GMO
Our products do not contain GMO, guarantee 100%
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